Theory and Practice of Public Administration

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Theory and Practice of Public Administration: Theory and practice is a combination of theory and experience put together, for the public administration sector. using the Nigerian economy as a case. This book will explain major issues applied to the political sector plus managing other sectors. Major issues that would be discussed in this book, will be useful to readers.


Theory and Practice of Public Administration: Theory and Practice of Public Administration is a blend of principles and applications of Public Administration in the public sector, especially within the Nigerian environment. It explains major contemporary issues as they apply to the political and administrative environment as well as other public sector management. Major topical issues were discussed and readers would find them useful. They include:

  • Principles and Applications in Public Administration in Nigeria
  • Ecology of Public Administration
  • Public and Civil Service in Nigeria
  • Organizational Theory
  • Privatization and Deregulation
  • Administration of Higher Education
  • Health Administration in Nigeria
  • Local government Administration
  • Ethics and Accountability
  • Administration Law
  • Public Financial Management
  • E-governance
  • Public-Private Partnership
  • Performance Management
  • Inter-Governmental Relations and so on

These topical issues are not only informative but educative and impactful for undergraduate, post-graduate, Administrators, Researchers, Consultants, Politicians, and General readers.


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